Waarom Blixt?

Blixt is een nichekantoor gespecialiseerd in energie- en klimaatrecht dat de ambitie heeft om bij te dragen aan het maatschappelijk debat omtrent energie en klimaat en om dat maatschappelijke debat ook mee vorm te geven en te sturen. Onze ‘mission statement’ is de volgende:

“At Blixt we believe in the advantages of a truly liberalised energy market. Liberalisation enhances private initiatives aiming at a sustainable and low carbon energy production and energy efficiency. Such initiatives are strongly needed in a time confronted with the effects of climate change.

However, private initiatives alone will not resolve the need for a change of our energy system and our energetic behaviour. Public authorities must continue efforts for fully opening the energy markets, as well as ensure access to energy services at an acceptable price for all energy consumers, both industrial and residential. At the same time, a stable regulation encouraging initiatives that will help us to reach the goals in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency that are needed by 2020 and thereafter is what Blixt applauds.

In line with our vision, Blixt assists energy companies, industrial customers, centralised and decentralised, on- and offshore producers, financial institutions, associations, consumers, ..., in all legal aspects of Belgian and European climate and energy law. Likewise, we do not work for regulators or transmission or distribution system operators. We offer you the highest quality of legal assistance, backed by our track record, our scientific activities and our commitment and engagement in the climate and energy sector. Our prices are reasonable and transparent, preferring other than hourly billing.”